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Ajayananda satpathy


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Being faithful Christian, my parents wanted their children also to know and grow in the Lord for His glory. But as a growing young Christian I wanted to enjoy the pleasures of this world and never took heed to God call and parent’s prayer. As a young man I wanted to resist God’s call to repentance and to grow in the fear of the Lord. But as the bible says the Lord is not slack concerning his promises, but waiting and longing to see the sinners coming to His grace, I praise the Lord for the continues convicting work of the Holy Spirit in my life, as a result of that there came a moment when I decided to forsake the pleasures and attractions the world can offer and believe and follow Jesus as my Saviour and Lord and serve and live for Him. The verse that convicted me and brought me closer to the Lord is Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? It is then that I decided to dedicate my life for the Lord’ work and went for my theological studies. 

I earned my bachelor and master theological degrees. During my studies the Lord opened many door of opportunities to do His ministry during summer. Diverse ministerial exposures taught me to love God dearly and live for Him passionately. The Lord has laid a big burden in my heart for the perishing soul of my state and country India. Seeing the need of my land I am resolved to be a church planter, planting churches where no gospel has reached. While as student I was able to secure good grades and pass out from two renowned seminaries with pretty good GPA.

The Lord also helped me to find a beautiful and faithful life partner who is a great source of support, strength and encouragement in my ministry and life. The Lord graciously united us in 29th April, 2008, and has blessed our married life with a beautiful daughter and a son. I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him through Baptist Bible College and Baptist Church. These ministries experiences enabled me to be completely involved with the students’ life teaching, preaching, counselling and even helping both the  church members and students in the various areas. It has been a great and tremendous blessing to see both church members and theological students dedicating their lives and being transformed in their character as they spend time and life with us. It is a joy immeasurable to work among younger generation and prepare them to be leaders of next generation.

As the Lord burdened us, he was also faithful to remind us of His specific call, in 2016 we prayed and moved in to my own state of Odisha for ministry. Our primary focus is church plantation in the places, villages and cities, where there are no churches. The Lord has graciously helped us to start a ministry of our own vision and burdened, UDHAAR MINISTRIES, which means deliver or deliverance. We primarily focus in church plantation and at the same time training the untrained in the mission field. Besides this we also do many various social upliftment work, like Prison ministry and helping and feeding the hungry and destitute. I am thankful to the Lord for the immense blessings and opportunity that he has bestowed on me to be in His ministry. I am thankful for the opportunity that he gave me to do my Doctorate course. I am continuing my doctorate course presently in the USA.